What drives us

In India, Projects, Hobby, DIY, 3D Printing & CNC has not taken off mainly due to factors like lack of awareness, non availability of quality components and consumables. We desire to make this technology accessible to the “Makers” community of India. TSKTECH's goal is to provide the Indian Makers quality products at reasonable price with multiple options, Quality products with fast and reliable delivery.

Our Challenge

In order to create prototype, we wanted a 3D Printer. The 3D printers or kits in India were over priced or finding a reliable supplier was not easy, even in 2017. We finally managed to get a 3D printer but faced extreme challenges to get good quality prints. Like us there are lot student’s, startup’s, hobbyist, scientist, etc., We decided to make experiences and learning available to the community.

What we will deliver

We are committed to our cause of bringing DIY to India. We aim to make solution out of product “Products 2 Solutions”. All our products are sourced from various suppliers but tested by us. Our customers need not worry on the Quality, MoQ or suitability for any of the products that we have made available on www.tsktech.in for your projects be it DIY, Commerical or Home Improvements.