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While working on Projects for myself or for friends N relatives, many times when teaching children, the major problem was sourcing the products for the project / solution. Being makers & hobbyist ourself, we could not allow this situation to continue, hence the idea for creating a platform where all products & items could be available, germinated and www.tsktech.in is result of the same.

Its was but natural to use online marketplaces like AMAZON, EBAY, etc. to list the products, however these marketplace could charge a fortune for each sale or just for listing, the charges are as high as 18% ~ 22% plus additional cost of shipping the product to consumers / purchaser. In a few months, it was clear that a portal was required for people which would allow them to not only buy but also sell their products but a reasonable cost.  Some of our friends where also conduction courses for "painting", "photography", "cooking", "gardening" but were not interested to go through the hassles of establishing a full system n process for making their services & products on the online website of their own due to set up cost of "Payment Gateway",  Govt. Rules & Regulation, etc. hence we have developed this platform for individual and small business to sell online.

The "One Stop Store" TSKTECH, not only allows you to buy tested and proven products but also sell your products, be it home made Jams, Stock Photos, Hand Made Jewelry or anything N everything. Your online courses are now available to booked by your customers, online, they can also make the payments through our secure payment gateways.

The Products that are sold on the platform are tested & tried by our fellow approvers and only then listed on the Store, We basically have created "Your Store: both for purchases and sales.