Wire Tensioner Rapid Wire Tightener for Fence Wire, Tree Bracing

240.00325.00 Excl. of GST

  • Size: 72 mm/ 2.8″ x 72 mm/ 2.8″ x 23 mm/ 0.9″
  • Tools Required: Wire Tightener Handle or 1/2″ socket handle
  • Strong, lightweight, Rust resistant construction, Aluminium Die Cast.
  • The large number of clip positions allows correct wire tension to be obtained
  • No need to cut wire before straining
  • Can be used to join High Tensile (HT) wire


Ideal for straining old fences and for tensioning trellising wires. The tightener fits over the wire for mid-fencing straining, increasing effectiveness of strain by pulling from both directions.

How to use: Place wire in center groove and tighten with a In Line Wire Tightener Handle or Ratchet Wire Tightening Tool ​until tight. Use the provided U-hook to secure wire.

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 7.20 × 7.20 × 2.30 cm
Pack of

Pack of 2, Pack of 3


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