5AMP Power Cable For Desktop And Monitor 1.5MTR Long

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Universal 5A power cord 1.5Mtr for PCs, monitors, scanners, printers and other devices that use the 3-pin C14 Male connector.

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The power cord has 3 round Pin Male AC Plug Top and other end is 3 pin female C14 socket. The cord can take direct AC and transfers via the 3 pin female for SMPS or monitor or printer. Also can be used for Chargers & other similar Sockets in UPS etc. PURE Copper conductor with virgin PVC,

This universal 5A power cord is designed to work with most PCs, monitors, scanners, printers and other devices that use the 3-pin C14 Male connector.

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Weight 150 g


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  3. 'Don't Die for DIY' Use an RCCB (residual current device). An RCCB can save your life by cutting off the power in the event of an electrical fault caused by a DIY blunder.


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