Trapezoidal Lead Screws: T8 Lead Screw

500.001,300.00 Excl. of GST

Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Diameter: 8MM
Lead: 2MM / 8MM
Pitch: 2MM

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Trapezoidal Lead Screws: Trapezoidal screws convert circular movement into linear movement. A cross-section of this kind of thread corresponds to an isosceles trapezoid with an angle of 15°. This results in a flank angle of 30°. Single-start and multi-start ISO trapezoidal screws according to DIN 103.

Lead screw mainly used in stepper motor, machine tool, and other equipment. Suitable for
• Industrial automation equipment,
• Stepper motor rails; such as 3D printers; CNC; engraving machine; XYZ module; slider; lifts etc.

Brass Trapezoidal Nut: for 3D Printer / CNC Machine

ACME / Anti Backlash Nuts: are mainly used for high transmission precision transmission equipment, which elimination gap, elimination of anti-vibration functions. precisely mate with lead screws

Additional information

Weight 400 g
Trapezoidal Lead

2MM, 8MM

Trapezoidal Lenght

300MM, 400MM, 500MM


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