Twist Nut Electrical Wire Connector Terminals Cap Spring Insert

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  • Twist On Wire Connector
  • Twist Terminal
  • Max Voltage: 600VAC
  • Connect the wires, holds wires firmly

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TWIST-ON Wire Connector is the Industry Standard for Electrical Wiring Screw on wire Connectors for Quick Assembly, 600V, Wire combinations: 22 AWG thru 14 AWG
Pressure-Type Wire Connector on the following SOLID and/or STRANDED COPPER TO COPPER CONDUCTOR wire combinations

Fixed Precise Conical Wire Spring, No Pre-Twisting of Conductors is Required – Spring Creates its Own Thread
Reusable Screw on Wire Connector Threads On or Off splice for fast and easy circuit changes and additions
Ribbed-Cap Provides a more Secure Grip and faster fingertip starts even when hands become slippery
Deep Skirt Wire Entry Provides Protection from Flash-Over and Shorts
Threaded Funnel Entry Guides Wire Into Connector Cleanly without Strand Splaying

1. Turn off power before installing or removing connectors.
2. Strip solid wire about 9MM and smaller wires, about 12MM.
3. Pre-twisting if necessary. Hold stripped wires together with ends even. Lead stranded wires slightly.
4. Align any frayed strands or conductors.
5. Push wires into connector and screw on until two twists are visible in wires.

Watch the video on how to use:

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Weight 250 g
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 cm
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