Manual for TM619 Timer Switch

TM619 series is Panel-Mount Digital Timer with the following options TM619X-Y: possible value for Y -1: 120VAC main supply -2: 240VAC main supply (we stock only this type) -3: 24VAC/VDC -4: 12VDC TM619X-Y: possible value for X L: Volt Output, 250Vac/16Amp Rating H: Volt Output, 250Vac/20Amp Rating   : Blank ie no Value : Volt-Free contact, 250Vac/16Amp Rating Output

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Using Timer for Automation

The basic of automation is “On / Off of any instruments” once or repeatedly throughout the day, based on certain inputs. The Inputs are called “Events” and switch control is called “Actions”. Any device which monitors for the events and based on the event trigger the action is controler for the automation. for example if

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